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    July 8, 2012
    8:00 - 10:00am PDT  

50 degrees in santa rosa. 62 degrees and sunny build your it is going to get pretty hot care and the low 90s. for the coast. 84 degrees and santa larosa. we will have your extended forecast coming out. >> at a small earthquake hit a part of the bay area. it was a 4.2 magnitude can he was just after 5 this morning. it was in the north bay and there were no interest injuries or damages reported. >>marty: this attack happened saturday about a quarter of miles from present pleasure point in
moderate bay. he said a massive charge rammed his kayak and capsized it throwing him into the ocean. dahlin has more. dalian >> dalian's >> this contact was attack by a shark in attacks on humans aren't very rare. this happened a 30 saturday morning at this popular santa cruz search spot and he was fishing just outside >> and they said that came from underneath the kayak and that the front portion appeared that it through the 52 year-old man off of his kayak it appeared he was doing okay. eight nearby motor picked him up from the water.
not only did he survive but he has some souvenirs. there it was a to you left extracted from a bite mark. >> land on land kron 4 newsprint >> this is about two weeks ago where the bay area teenager was in by a shark and white. nasa is that health care the call is there and talk to her after she can help give >>nichole: was here when she was an mallee which is waiting a long this sort when all the sudden she felt a shark bite her legs just above her ankle. that meant no one saw the sharp but i sought by me. i was screaming him >> the 15 year-old ran a to a mother on the beach >> i did not know what was going on i was look down and hurt leg and i did not know
what i was looking at pit on a consistent-pin >> and recipe to the hospital. she said the stitches were more painful than the shot by can design by have happened on the first day of the family vacation and rallied to weeks ago. they closed down the beach and over the next couple days she became a local celebrity. >> un they had never heard of anybody getting bitten here in >>nichole: she >> back in the water of her last day in mallee wearing a waterproof food of a loan in. as this is where just taken out and she is back, and livermore. she considers herself very
lucky in >> could of been a lot worse pit. >>marty: for vehicles were involved in the crash just before 1:00 this morning. one person was killed in the other was seriously injured pit the cause of the accident is under renovation and investigation pit pit >> we're looking at how my body was found in marin county at re as each hit them man may have been fishing in the area pit about an hour later the park ranger saw a body floating nearby cared >> @ here is a warning for
every internet uses. almost 300,000 computers aren't infected with a certain kind of now where a kid kron 4 grant lotus has more information. >> the fbi is 6 you should go to this website right here pit and will make sure that your computer is problem free pit go on the is click on the green circle that says detective click on the first link use a with a better error is. it will run a test on your computer if you vote -- if
your computer is virus free you will see this the green box but if it has a red background you need to call your internet service provider to get it removed. >> this began was sixth east and middle eastern european con men. they eventually caught track them down but not before the remnants of a dead bug affected hundreds of computers. >> >>marty: we are coming out of kron 4 morning news weekend. >> werke the take a live look outside. it is a beautiful day along the creek.
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>>marty: their roadside bombs attacks killed women and children along with by police. one bomb exploded when a mini van ran of rep. a second bomb went off when the civilians are ride to help in >> this is the second day of the spain's running of the bulls. many thrill seekers suffered minor cuts and bruises. i guess if you do not come away with the cat they think you did nothing. they release some of spain's largest in most fear some
balls. laughter. >>marty: i do not realize what you do this. >> there is a possible conflict connection between kitty litter and suicide. to be back. >> here is a picture of the san mateo bridge. what is that thing and front? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting?
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>> >> u.s. silicon san
francisco with all this fall in the head let's go to john appeared sunday >> is a point >>janu: it is going to be a pretty nice day. cabbages are going to be similar to today. then we have a warming trend kicky in midweek. >> temperatures are a little chilly in santa rosa napa is a low 60s. we will see the '70s filled in about 10:00 a.m.. as we head toward 2:00 hour. we would see '70's 80's movie into the area and then in the evening it will cool back down. he was seen mostly mid '80s out there.
will get pretty hot in the inland area with a kilo nineties. 91 for livermore valley pit 67 expected in san francisco. in the north bay we will see mostly low to mid '80s. >> that it will get hot in the inland areas by wednesday. were heading to isabelle. not quite done. the battle against breast cancer and never gets old this 2200 bay area survivors and supporters as they wrap up the 39 mi. walk for
breast cancer. the hard earned dollars go for education, detaching coming in research. avon foundation has donated more than $30 million toward has cancer. >>marty: millions of lives a been touched by breast cancer pin. >> behind the walls as a quick and these men were not the key at themselves him there was an unusual cast of characters >> this weekend people all around the bay have are participating in the walk-in support of breast cancer research. [music] >> musicians are playing
these walkers have to cover the same ground over and over. there it san quentin's state prison. this is an organization called st. san quit in pairs. >> of course they cannot leave so they are here pit there were over 200 men walked this weekend according -- for breast cancer research. >> these men at it partis -- these men have to donate money in order to walk in >> my mother was going to come see me today instead of getting of this and i decided to walk and told of the come next week. >> this is about breast
cancer. about 20 guys tyrannosaurus said don to have a sister or a mother? i've been the first guy to come down to the register to lockean them at >> and tom must any one of them can tell a story of someone that's been touched by breast cancer appeared >> i had a cousin the lead to breast cancer is use a survivor. >> [music]
cat litter and attempted suicide pin whitman who had contracted a confection from the cat box did more people were exposed the this bacteria by eating undercooked meat contaminated water. >>marty: we're going to take a look inside the u.s. as i walked him ysabel: was also going to take a look at outside and not a champion -- mt. tam cam. the fog is still here kin.
will be right back.
>>marty: the uss iowa once rode in dangerous waters and was a u.s. taxi for some of the presence. >> a navy veteran it served on board of the was that i what -- uss iowa gave is a torpid >> she is an engineering masterpiece is pitching is one of our nation's treasures. i first came on board in november 1985. we had anywhere from 1300 to 1900 guys pin
>> we went to the crime the end, the north atlantic. she is a battleship. you take allot him >> the most the biggest decisions were made about the war here on this ship and a 47 she worked for the korean war and the cold war did >> president roosevelt was on board the ship and he used it as his taxi to go across the ocean to visit stalling hint he was in a wheelchair. the navy that had a bathtub gin >> beazer for anti aircraft. this fire's 15 rounds per
minute. here is one of our guns. 16 in. in diameter purines each one of these barrels are 67 ft. long. that will fire a projectile 24 mi.. >> you can feel the boom began >> the last that i ever fired was this done. the whole thing is just wet pin we have amassed up yet we get the painting done. it sat for 20 years compared to the way she looked a couple months ago to now i hope the people will come out and take a look. ysabel: what a wonderful picture appeared.
here is a live look outside the golden gate bridge. we will be back.
ysabel: we're back a 30 1:00 a.m.. >>marty: we are expected to warm up a little bit today. >>janu: it would deputy warmed through the inland areas but we just have to get through this fog. we can barely see with the golden gate bridge pin this point to be pretty breezy and the afternoon. we are going to see the fog clears and again and to the overnight hours. you can see on fog tracker
for the fog city of the coast line. it will just push back and into the overnight hours at about 11:00 p.m. and will be covering the entire bay area. >> right now is 69 and antioch. it will get hotter out there. in a the low 80s and the south bay today. the be low seventies for the east bay today. the be the low eighties for the north bay pin >>marty: residence in the midwest and mid-atlantic states i can sit and read a sigh of relief pit the highs
are expected to reach the nineties. >> saturday bought brought in another day of blistering heat. and another day of triple digit temperatures him this he was blamed for scores of debt him people kick cool wherever they can find it. in chicago the heat buckled roadways some residents left the city can >> at the chicago it was 105 pit >> i'm looking forward to the 80 degree weather. even 89 degrees would be nice. midwest, into the lakes and the northeast kingdom there are hundreds of thousands of is still without power in
virginia 150,000 people still remain in the dark haired >> refrigerators and freezers were shut down when the power went out pit this for some residents to rely on food pantry to get by pin >> ysabel: shark sightings are common on california beaches of attacks are rare. and was an attack on a kayaker happened it saturday. that meant a free mike kayaker survived a shock shark attacked him this happened right outside the kelp bed on saturday morning. the sharks came from underneath and lifted the
cognac up and then bit the kayak. before the sharks swim away, he said his nerves are rattles but he is ok. dalian, kron 4 news here >>marty: is a teenager is shot and said the sister appeared the 17 year old victim was with his family when the shots rang out. he was hit in his upper body. there's no word on his upper content and -- his condition. >> and san jose the senses were evacuated on after a suspicious sues the pace was spotted near a bench. they did not find any explosives is just a typewriter. >> in oakland they're looking for witnesses following a violent night in
the city. there were three murders that took place just hours apart on friday. the unrest has been made in one of the homicides him a 24 the avenue of man was found dead in a mobile home. a caller to come off pit that man to committing the crime ysabel: this there has been celebrating its 100 years of operation. this is at the county fairgrounds in pleasanton >> the jockey was killed when thrown from his horse last week. he was taken to the hospital where he died of head injury. this is the first that and alan lee county fairgrounds >>marty: party frank married
his longtime partner since they say that is a new chapter with for the retired congressman. >> i think it's a day were is civil ceremony in he is his partner have been together for some time. this is an opportunity for them for so many others in that had been free to do for many years in this country. >> frank represents south east massachusetts' fourth congressional district. he is retiring at the end of the term after three decades in office him ysabel: pelicans are popping up on beaches about the bay. >>marty: we are going to take a live look outside from walnut creek pit they
are expected to be in the low 90s today. we will be back any minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>marty: a wildlife rehabilitation center to cover the care of the baby will this last week. they're hoping that he can be eventually be released back into the wild. ysabel: still to come on kron 4 morning weekend. redtop to stanford physics professor about the discovery of the god particle >> >>marty: it is over cast out there. it should turn into a nice day.
it has often ysabel: we're saying lots of clouds over san francisco is
that it >> >>jan: there's lots of coastal fog. shun it. >>jackie: shine a >> we will see trickled triple digits on the board. it is mostly the '50s and '60s around area. there is a 70 that will eventually come by kennecott. and then as it day progresses we will see nineties and the warmer spots but mostly the '70s and '80s around the are the bay. then toward the evening temperatures will drop back down to the mainly fifties. who would get to 84 degrees and said as they appeared be 90 degrees for fail.
. the below '70s for the east bay shore today. 62 for a ocean beach pin 7 cisco will be 67 degrees pit as they look at the 7 day around the bay we will see a warming trend kicking and. coastal fog will persist through monday. the time is a 40 7:00 a.m.. >>marty: it is a big discovery this week. this is called the god particle. for the last 18 years researchers have been trying to find it. >> as a layman i think we have appeared to you agree?
>> until today think god particle existed only in theory but not anymore him collecting data like this scientists have announced the discovery with 99.9 percent certainty that it exists. professor peter higgs is now 83 years old who first theorized this and 1964 was in the audience. >> is there an incredible thing that has happened in my lifetime. it is the missing link to this massive equation. this is a standard model for particle physics. it is our understanding for how the universe works.
the stuff that we are made of this matter. without mass stars and galaxies and planets would not be able to spend themselves into existence after the big bang. so how did the scientists find it. it was through a massive particle collider at sent him this is in switzerland and france. they smashed particle beams to gather to see what's inside appeared affectively at creating the big bang over an ever. this is what they saw. sub up atomic debris include decayed remains of the higgs boson or the god particle the mysteries of the service the universe are not solved yet. consider this. with all those galaxies and
planets only make up 4% of the universe. thank god particle just opens another door. >> ysabel: we have a professor at stanford and particle physics and astrophysics physics. the studio. prof thank you for joining us. you are absolutely beaming. this is a big deal >> this is a fundamental particle of the kind of the have never before seen pit that opens a new store and how the universe works. for the next decade we will explore it try to find out about it. ysabel: still exploring that what good does it do. >> it is fundamental
knowledge. potentially and the 22nd century it may translate into technology but and order to make this discovery and is also an amazing technical issue. you heard about the big machine but it is the world's hardest data problem. these detectors put out 20 million alter high resolution pictures every second 24-7. this only appears that one in a hundred billion pictures. so out thousands of scientists in every country in the world i analyzing the information trying to find the approved. it is a new stage in scientific collaboration. it is 24 century science. we are learning how to do and as we speak
>>marty: as you bring thousands of science and scientists all of the world today to review this information there has got to be disagreement. >> as you can imagine to get 3000 scientists you are all very opinionated to agree on anything is impossible. >> these big teams have come to the conclusions but third to completely independent teams the found the same result. so that gives you a lot of confidence and it was really is it discovered >> we hope it is this higgs boson -- the guide particle and a are understanding and nature. it will take a lot more. ysabel: you mentioned all those fabulous technology, is that going to have some
practical uses outside of this venue? >> the id is want to remind you that the world wide web was invented the exact same place at 20 years ago. so 20 years ago report on the frontier of the world wide web him. and people will bring out more information and technical products of all kinds. >>marty: if people would stop you on the street and as you what does this mean to me what to say >> on 11 hand for getting deeper and deeper into the core of how the universe works. eventually this will be in the history books along with the steam engine and other things. and the other hand they're using how to use this gray 21st century technology. everybody will see the result in businesses and other fields of science pit
>> deal and ysabel: did you raise a glass and celebrate >> actually we watched it on the web stream from geneva it was amazing kid for those people who are interested in learning more there is a public lecture the july 34th at the lab in the evening him ysabel: thank you for joining as. we enjoy your enthusiasm. will be right back pit.
ysabel: we're gonna be watching what's happening in london right now at the pendleton final para the wimbledon final.
maria is trying to become the first man since fred perry took will tend in 1936. >>marty: he can imagine everybody rooting for the there person. >> we're gonna take another look outside at san. -- san jose. of that fog may be setting them up for monday and hot. will be back any minute.
ysabel: the top stories.
a bay area man was bumped from his kayak by a shark. >>marty: you could use the abilities is surf the internet coming to market and ysabel: a little bit of cooling come to an overheated nation. >> we have top stories for isn't just a couple second- tier let's cut that to shun a pit stop it >> send it >> janu we're going to look to the sunshine and afternoon and will be slightly cooler than yesterday. the by the evening of all returns care >> there's still seen the fog on fog tracker fall are pit and here's how the
temperatures are setting out purines in the can look at the temperatures required to head in the afternoon. it would get pretty hot. and the inland that the valley. the be a beautiful day in the north bay pit the be about 67 degrees in san francisco. there will be a warming trend some time in the week up by more about that later. ysabel: a small earthquake registered 4.2 magnitude earthquake. this is after five this morning. no injuries or damages were reported >>marty: a man was attacked by a great white shark. the attack happened saturday. it was a quarter mile from
pleasured. and moderate they pym said the shark was about 18 ft. long give it to him into the as compared dalian is on the scene this kayaker dalian >> this kayakers survive the cyc attack. attacks on shipments of very rare. authorities say it happened a 30 saturday morning >> the kayaker was fishing right outside of the kelp bed pit they believe that the shot came from under the kayak and lifted it. he threw the 52 year old fremont man off of his kayak. the sharks swim away. this aside from rattled nerves he is doing ok. not all did he survive to
tell the story with a smile but he also has some souvenirs pit he has a chart to that he extracted from the bark and bite mark. dalian, kron 4 news. ysabel: a little more teenager is recovering from a shark bite and hawaii. she is back home. she described the scary moments to nicole. she was attacked in just 2 ft. of water. >>nichole: it was here and mallee where she was abdication with her sisters and father appeared she felt the shark by her above her left ankle. >> nobody saw the sharp rise started screaming amish children never to her mother on the beach. i was not sure what was going on out that and a leg. it did not have a drop of blood on it.
>> her father investor to a hospital. she said the stitches were more painful than the shark bite. >> >>nichole: the shark had at attack happened on the first indication two weeks ago appeared that none of the the next several days after the close the beach she became a local celebrity. >> they tell me stories about how they'd seen sharks pit but it never seen >> as she said she still enjoy the rest of her family vacation. she even a back into the water on her last day and mallee wearing a waterproof boots. her and a family of back, and livermore pin she seems to be yelling well. despite of this whole ordeal, she still thankful.
>> it could of this off my whole foot. >>marty: the deadly accident in san mateo overnight on south by about one a one was aware of ford vehicles were involved in the crash. one person was killed and another was seriously injured. other lanes of southbound on the one are now on the open. >> investigators in marin county are looking at how my body turned up at how at port rain is beach. they saw someone fishing in the area but about an hour later they saw a body floating nearby. he was the body was found and recovered. there was no idea. ysabel: here is a unit morning for every internet is a paean by monday there isn't a possibility the may not have the ability to surf
the web. over 300,000 people are infected by a certain kind of now where. it is called is the here as we can do to go to this web site right here >> dc deputy that or pit it will what to quicksee can tell if it is now where free. at the top left when you click on the green circle that says detect and then another screen will appear as says how can you detect when your computer is been violated are effective go to the first land use a if it was virus free like mine you will see this green background. if it has the virus you will
see a red background. and if you do have that you should call your internet service provider to have it removed. >> ysabel: the mal where bob was -- the amount where bob was created by some con men in europe. they were it arrested the night before it there by the cascades and it has affected computers a round the world. >>marty: will be coming up as he see that deadly floods hit russia. ysabel: let's take a live look out side of walnut creek as we see the fog is lifted.
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bomb attacks. those civilians which included women and children were killed along afghans border with packets van. bass said the one bomb exploded when a mini van den of bread and another bomb exploded when bypasses came to help. ysabel: the death toll has risen 250 people in russia. officials are calling it the first at the worst excesses disaster and decades. this was an western russia near the town of prince. >>marty: is the second day of spain's running of the bulls. to date people were injured but no one was gored. only two of them needed medical treatment. this event need usually features some of spain's largest infuses balls.
>> this is an conjunction with an all-night street party where the runners are gathering their courage. >> record to take another live look outside at the mt. tam cam. we'll be right back.
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issue this introduces a whole will lend each your hand if we saw in a lot of thought
the era it right and the eighth era in
austin >> we're heading to ysabel: they're not quite done. there is going to enjoy the cooler weather today as his crew takes off for the walk for the battle against breast cancer been there when to walk to earn money for breast cancer. 2400 survivors of supporters strapped on the issues. this is where they wrapped up their walk for breast cancer. the hard earned dollars will go for education, detection and treatment.
and it's not a foundation donated more than $30 million to local cancer organizations. >> of the years, of >>marty: 1-2 percent of men also couldn't have breast cancer care the people behind the walls of san quentin were not windy of themselves. >> this began people all the round the bay area are participating in the box and the support of breast cancer research in irian [music] >> local musicians played a tune as they kept walkers of this irian >> these walkers have to cover the same ground over and never appeared there walking of around the yard insane clinton's state
prison to earn money for breast cancer cares and and the a cannot leave so they are here >> of the 200 men will walk support breast cancer research had to make sacrifices and the >> that many here have to make a monetary donations to participate. if they have any money they have to solicit donations. >> we're really trying to raise about $10,000. >> my mother was going to come see me today instead of getting a visit eye to it decided to walk and told her to come another day. >> when the assets of the about breast cancer and other and walk in all this. about 20 guys turned on them instead of to have a sister or a mother could then he
had a change of attitude he was the first guy to come out of what appeared >> almost all these men can tell a story about somebody in their family and was touched reverence cancer. >> there i have a different awareness about it now. i have a cousin and use of breast cancer using >> using >> for the inmates that what and the volunteers had joined them and it was a day of compassion. at san quentin, jeff pierce kron 4 news. ysabel: he is hearing connection between canada and attempted suicide. some women are infected with a parasite that have greater
risk for committing suicide. it is contracted by katz and ends up in little boxes. cats are not the most common way the people become infected so did i get rid of lafayette. most of the time is by eating undercooked meat or contaminated water. >> with the word suggesting that reagan was the average litter boxes. >>marty: coming up on kron 4 morning news weekend. we're the show you some video about a tight work -- tight rope walker in china as he walks backward on the tight rope. >> we will have more on the weather from shiny when we come back.
ysabel: his ship was crowned the tool to the u.s. navy is open in southern california.
the u. ss i was once battled in dangerous waters and served as a taxi in dangerous waters at it is the you as as i know what irian we are going to get a unique torte. >> she is a gorgeous ship. she is an engineering masterpiece is the pieces. she is one of our nation's treasures. i came burst on to the ship in 1985. we had everywhere from 1300 to 1900 skies and the ship. indeed it is that in the panama canal, the north atlantic, there is plenty to the story she is a battle strip. you can see why. this is all made in world war two in the '40's appear
>> it's been to in the korean war and during the cold war. back in the '40's during the conference president robot rose about was aboard the ship. he's it is a taxi to go across the ocean. this is president roosevelt. this is the only ship in the navy with a back up. this is where the state could president roosevelt to get back and is that the pit >> the user for anti aircraft pit in the '80s they retrofitted the ship can this 16 in. in diameter. each one of these barrels is 67 ft. long. it will fire a projectile 24 mi.. i felt the concussion when
it was fire. >> the last done that ever shot in my life was this done. and drive and a battleship. we got a lot of money from the state of iowa to get the repairs done if you have a look at heart a couple months ago and now you would not leave. >>marty: we will be right back with a lot more news and the weekend forecasts. here you go little man.
[ humming ] [ babbling ]
the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ysabel: let's take a look outside. the camera as best southern -- the camera is all messed up a here is shot new.
this is the view from down mt. tam cam. ysabel: janet >> sounded >> jim >> can see the ba beca of parts of the north b bay. it is the brakes of sunshine. it will become a very wide spread over the overnight hours. here the temperatures right now your it is the '50s and '60s around most of the area with a 74 and antioch. and will be about 84 to greece for los gatos.
will see the range and an north bay from low to mid '80s. we will have the 7 day around the bay forecasts including a warming trend. >>marty: residents in the midwest and the atlantic states may have a small sigh of released as the temperatures began to fall a bit. a highly be expected to keep reaching into the '90s spin >> saturday brought another day of blistering heat. in some places another day of triple digit temperatures >> this is been playing blamed for scores of deaths. people are staying cool where ever they can find ways. >> in chicago the heat buckled roadways. some residents fled the city.
it was a hundred and five in chicago and that felt like 112 pin i am looking forward to the 80 degree weather. 89 degrees to be great. >> forecasters say the cooler air will move across the upper midwest. that will burn some comfort for the hundreds of thousands of were still without power after last weekend storm. in west virginia more than 150,000 people are in the dark with no way to stay cool and or run fans. >> refrigerators and freezers are shut down power went out and a lot of people have to rely on food pantries to get by. >> we are really tried to scratch around try to keep up with the pantries. >> ysabel: shark sightings a relatively a uncommon -- not
comment on the beaches can and not a fremont, anchored was attacked by a shark in santa cruz. dalian >> gila's fishing right outside of the kelp bed. they believe that a great white about 18 ft. long long came from underneath and lifted the cognac up his the pilot motion through the man off of his tie act before the sharks swim away. besides rattled the nrc was ok. in santa cruz, dalian, kron 4 news. >>marty: a teenager shot and a gunman is on the loose this morning is happened. this 17 year-old man was with his family when shots rang out your this happens
at a disco. they're not sure if the boy was targeted. >> the farmers' market was evacuated saturday afternoon after a suspicious suitcase was spotted near a bench. with the bomb squad was called in. they did not find any explosives. they found a typewriter. >> three unrelated murders is taking place in oakland. 102nd avenue and 11th street address has been made in an 24 that avenue and man was found in his comments during a caller called it a man in committing the crime. his he is not been found. isn't ysabel: this is the last day of the county fair celebration of is hundred years of existence this is
in the county fairleigh grounds in pleasanton. >> there was tragedy in the affair when the man was thrown from his horse last week. he was taken to the hospital was died of head injuries. he was the first jockey to die down a fat county fairgrounds sense for quite some time. >>marty: we have a story of survival the baby when you talk coming up. ysabel: its is very gray outside its emphasis up. laughter laughter >[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>>mark: bridge crosses this river
and as a wide in seen the river the can only be saved by nature. they are proposed changing the rivers course fair the historic preservation say that cool call chili coordinate's into that the -- it culturally coordinate's into the environment and to stay here ysabel: the pelican's which appeared thing and we can are walking up to people a nonprofit group said that they will greece rescue as many birds as resources will allow parents they said to keep dogs away from those birds in a protected by federal law appeared >>marty: a baby golden eagle is recovering after officials say that
miraculously survived you tell wild fire last month. they found the bird behind a chartist tree pit it was about 25 ft. below its destroy nests pin >> officials are hardly the word will be eventually released back into the wild carrot ysabel: , kron 4 we see the most openly gay couple ties the knot pit >> with one to take another live look outside. this looks like this san mateo and the clouds are lifting and the cray is turning to blue skies.
>>marty: in massachusetts the openly day conference
and and then i cannot give the 72 year-old congressman and a 42 your partner pictures imf i thing it's a great day to recognize a civil ceremony live and he and his partner has been together for some talmudic where >> this gives them the opportunity of the seven free to do >> some of the capitol hill counterparts as such as nancy pelosi. is retiring at the end of this term after 30 years that ysabel: asian americans are the los rapidly growing demographic picture >> my name is stanley hit i
went to make sure that everyone is registered to vote here i live in alexander in my name is an add-on kit see as part of a crew to make sure that asian-americans and out the boat fair at a they are politically a look fair >> recently said center shows that an asian-american have been the fastest growing wish to improve in the past decade here they have vowed never to let to in as in the last three years cleared their political power is slowly progressing pinfeathers afghan actually move from the and marginal communities today the movement of victory in >> according to the yukon
-- stereotypes have worked against asian americans. >> is a lot of myths about us. we do well in school. we work hard we pay taxes. we don't have any problems. the real have a voice pit. three point for asian americans went to the pollster the group is widely ignored by both political parties. unlike the latino pot population aged american communities have so many different languages and makes it hard for them to combine into one voting bloc. >> because the movement is a yawn and so far spread without that country. in the short term it could
read a lot of that this fits in the long run. >> the committee's time in the political wilderness may be coming to an at could >> presented >> designed a >> we're expecting a lot of morning fog janu >> < get a look at the temperatures right now your in as the widespread fifties with a view '60s and '70s in the east bay. as we move into the 10:00 hour we will see increased yellow on your screen. as we go further into the afternoon we will see 67 these eighties and nineties. let's take a closer look at these numbers mid '80s in
the south bay in irian and in the survey will see temperatures from the 90's and antioch in fairfield 91 in livermore and the mid-70s and around the water. as you take a look at the 7 day around the bay we will see that the be triple digits out there coming in monday but -- once they. let's go to market. >>marty: there on the battle ground and play an increasingly wider role in a military at hertz. ysabel: we are not talking about soldiers we're talking about military dogs. she is written a book called sold to dogs. it tells a story about
canine heroes. thank you very much >> i gray with a that was a young soldier and 442. he used to tell me about the dogs and what they men. how they helped bring him a piece of home. i grew up with that concept could come >> with this bin laden thing happened this year it became evident that there was a dog involved in the support mission. and finally went to write my book. >> >>marty: tell me about the roles it dogs play in the military. >> their noses of better than anything else they are sniffing and ahead of everyone. they lead the troops. everyone relies on their nose kill >> this is a little bomb
sniffing dog. he went into a nuclear submarine when i was with him in virginia and he did some of that an explosive. it was much easier to put him into a submarine that a steer or separate. ysabel: so using their natural abilities because they have more keen senses. how does that come in. >> no machine can ever take the place of their senses. there are so highly bought it with their handlers would spend a couple years with them had a time. this is before the good work. and they know each other so well in the bond is so strong there able to do what ever it takes to make their hand the can dollar happy. in the handler and has had to make the dog do the job. they seem to know who to go to in who's having a bad day care is one of dog would go
up to people there have the most tug-of-war. >> and help with morale ala appear >> it helps with morale a lot purines has some of the service dogs can attack the bad guy if needed. in vietnam's there was so vicious and sometimes their handlers could not handle them ysabel: with a threat like that >> know they were trained. the unfortunate did not come back from vietnam. the review the size of their state of the there. >> now we have a great a
doctor's the adoption of a program over here. you can adopt a military dog if you want. there gray pets in >>marty: the one thing becomes the floor and talking about this is the companionship and the bond in human beings could be to he did talk about a that could let's go all the more intact and >> i never expected the bond factor to be quite this big. this of the right now in congress in in the senate that will seek to change it. and you can contact your local senator and this change the canine members of the armed forces at. >> ysabel: thank you for your time and thank you for your book pit and >>marty: we will be right back.
ysabel: at this man sang his way into the book of records pit [singing] >> the prior word wet record for this record. he expects to sing the national am an them and fenway park. >>marty: the daredevils may the deaf dying defying attempts and walking backwards with only the whole but he lost his footing and he felt. he lost his footing and but he was fine.
ysabel: who would be back next weekend did the by. goodbye.